The Moab Connected Intelligence Platform

Moab from Enterprise IoT is a multi-tenant, distributed Edge computing system that models the physical world with digital twins and facilitates application enablement via secure APIs.

Nodes are the workhorse of Moab as they provide distributed compute, storage, and networking wherever you need them to connect people, machines and the environment to capture their published data.

It all starts with a Control Node that defines and manages organizations, nested groups, nodes, entities (people, machines, environment), administrative users, roles, security, and policies all from a single, convenient location.

Nodes respect your data governance, sovereignty and security requirements and can therefore be deployed to public/private clouds as well as out to the Edge near endpoints where they can operate semi-autonomously.

A Digital Thread connects physical entities and delivers a stream of data to associated Digital Twins where the information becomes organized and more meaningful.

Notified subscribers to Digital Twins can derive valuable insights via analytics and visualization while taking a variety of actions including system integration plus workforce and process automation.